Fall Feasts 

 The Feast of Trumpets has many names, Yom Teruah, New Year, Day of Coronation, etc.  The keeping of this feast is commanded in Lev. 23 as a day to hear the blowing of the shofar, like on Mt. Sinai.  We welcome the civil new year as well as rehearse the hearing of the shofar.  It is said to be the day Adam was created and the day the King of Kings will be coronated.  One thing is for sure, the L-rd asks us to keep these days so that we will be ready when He calls.  With each year, we grow stronger in our relationship with our Creator. There are many wonderful traditons we participate on this feast. One of them is Tashlikah, an act of reciting scripture, confessing our sins, forgiving others, and calling on His return all while throwing bread into the water.  It is a beautiful tradition before hearing the shofars' blast.

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Yom Kippur, The Day of Atonment, is the Holiest day of the year and a fast day according to Lev. 23:27-31. It is the only time that the High Priest could go into the Temple.  He drew close on behalf of us all, just like Yeshua does for us. It is a time for His people to be set apart and cleansed. It is a day of judgement. Think about it, judgement is only a scary thing if you are the one delcared guilty.  Through Messiah, we are declared free from death.  The rehersal of this appointed time involves a fast, prayer, and time in worship. If there was a day not to work, this is it!  This appointed time prepares Israel to be able to stand in the gap for the nations.  That is still a job for His people today. 

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Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles or booths, is a week long event.  Many people camp out for the entire week to reherse for this appointed time. Lev. 23 gives those in the land of Israel instructions on how to build their temporary housing, while we in southwest Louisiana build a booth and have tents. It is the time that Israel stands before the L-rd on behalf of the nations. When the Temple stood, Israel would bring 70 bulls for the nations. It's ironic that the very temple that the L-rd established for even the nations to draw near was destroyed by the nations.  It is during this week that Yeshua declared himself the living water, John 7:37.  As a congregation, we enjoy a week of various activities and fellowship.

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Rolling back the Scroll Check our our fun video

Simchat Torah is the 8th day celebration after Sukkot.  It is a day of rejoicing and dancing as we roll the Torah scroll back to Genesis 1:1 and begin a new year of study.  In the pattern of time, this day links to the Coming Age of Revelation 21.  It is when all things are made new again...it's the 8TH DAY!!!